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What happened in 2002?

During 2002, the Stutz Homepage was still located on a server of Fortunecity.
It was free, and easy to maintain, but there were so many pop-ups, that you hardly found the stutzy things,
so I decided to pay for the homepage, and to make it free from pop-ups, or any other ads.
In December 2002, the homepage was moved to the actual address,

In 2002, 12 Stutzes were added to the registry, and a lot of sales-literature.
In addition to that, I came in contact with Virgil Exner, jr., and Jim Milliken, next to all the other stutzy contacts.

January, 20th:
- added a design-sketch of the Stutz V.I.P.
- added pictures of a beautiful 1972 Blackhawk, preowned by Frank Petrilli
- added pictures of a Blackhawk Convertible "D'Italia", owned by Wayne Newton
- added pictures of the Renwal Duesenberg-kit, built by K. Huber

January, 24th:
- added a photo and some information of a 1974 Blackhawk
- added a 1972 Blackhawk, well, it's a FAKE, based on a Ford Thunderbird, hehehe
- changed "For Sale"-website, added the FAKE, and Kenny Rogers' IV-Porte is still for sale, but from a different seller

January, 31st:
- renewed website of a 1974 Blackhawk
- renewed website of magazine literature

February, 1st:
- removed a 1985 Bearcat from the "For Sale"-website, it was sold at auction in October 2001

February, 4th:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale

February, 9th:
- added scans of a 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix brochure

February, 15th:
- "new" pictures showing Mr. Hofmann's IV-Porte (the photos were made in 1994, on a trip to Cavallermaggiore, Italy!)

February, 22nd:
- two new Stutz stamps, one 1914 Bearcat, and Elvis' 1973 Blackhawk!

February, 28th:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale by Mr. Bianco
- renewed (more pictures) of the 1976 Blackhawk, owned by Mr. Bianco, too

March, 3rd:
- added scans of press-releases
Press Release 1970
page 1 (99kB) - page 2 (128kB) - page 3 (139kB) - page 4 (86kB)
Press Release 1971
page 1 (108kB) - page 2 (119kB) - page 3 (80kB)
fact-sheet (179kB)
- new Special, showing an online-restoration of the Swedish 1974 Blackhawk
- two new pictures of Stutz models on the model-website

March, 10th:
- added a 1971 Blackhawk to the registry, owned by Dr. H. Karpman, who is listed in the first-owners-list

March, 17th:
- renewed "For Sale"-website, removed Bearcat II of Dr. Sgroi, added 1971 Blackhawk of Dr. Karpman
- added new pictures to 1977 Blackhawk
- added a Swedish magazine to the list of magazine articles, this issue featured two Swedish Blackhawks (1971 and 1975)

March, 22nd:
thanks to D. Larson I can show new pictures
- renewed websites of
Sammy Davis, jr.
Dean Martin
Dick Martin
- new website, showing Robert Goulet and his Blackhawk, (there are still some more photos to show, as soon as possible...)

April, 1st:
- wonderful "new" pictures added to Bearcat-website
- added a German magazine to the Literature-website
- added Stutz-stamp to the Stamp-website
- added a stamp of the Pininfarina Modulo to Paolo-Martin's website

April, 14th:
- added some new pictures of a 1983 IV-Porte
- added some new photos of a 1983 Bearcat
- added black ad (121kB) to list of original sales literature
- added sales-sheet of the D'Italia (118kB) to list of original sales literature
- added some newspaper articles to website about magazine articles
- renewed "Hall of Fame"

April, 15th:
- added a press-review-folder to the "Sales-Literature"-website
page 1 (193kB)
page 2 (160kB)
page 3 (175kB)
page 4 (157kB)
page 5 (175kB)
page 6 (177kB)

April, 21st:
- added VIN of the white Duplex, and the VIN of Mr. Petrilli's car to the registry
- added a photo of Paolo Martin's prototype of the Pininfarina NSU Ro 80
- added some pictures to Renwal-Revival website, showing the Stutz model and the Bugatti kit

April, 28th:
- renewed "For Sale"-website, some cars were sold
- renewed website of Dinallo's IV-Porte
- renewed website of Woodnorth' Blackhawk
- added a website, showing a 1972 Blackhawk, that was sold by Ted Vernon
- added a website, showing the 1974 Blackhawk, that was auctioned at Ebay

May, 11th:
- renewed registry:
- added two 1974 Blackhawks, one located in Great Britain, one located in Norway
- added some facts about the 1972 Blackhawk, preowned by Mr. F. Petrilli
- the German 1983 Bearcat was sold
- new seller of the 1972 Ex-Sammy Davis Blackhawk

May, 26th:
- new pictures of Elvis' Stutzes
- added some stamps
- renewed list of magazine articles

June, 9th:
- added a website about the Firestone LXX-wheels
- added pictures to the website of the Norwegian Blackhawk
- renewed list of magazine articles

June, 21st:
- Mr. Linder's 1979 Bearcat was shown again, at the Ohio Concours, Bob Craig sent me an additional picture. Thanks!
- 4 photos of a 1920 Stutz (photos were taken by Bob Craig, thanks again!)
- a color-photo replaces the b/w-photo of Elvis, Jules Meyers and the 1972 Blackhawk, and an additional photo of Elvis in this car. Thanks to "stutz3"

June, 29th:
- added an extra website about the 1988 Bearcat II, that was sold to Poland
- added some facts about the 1974 Blackhawk, that was sold by Woodnorth Automobiles
- added an article about the 1966 Duesenberg to the magazine-list

July, 14th:
- renewed website of Mr. Granheim's 1974 Blackhawk, please help him to find some spare-parts

July, 18th:
- added a website, showing some pictures of a IV-Porte, that I saw, back in 1997
- added a picture of Dick Martin
- added pictures of a 1972, and a 1975 Grand Prix brochure

August, 1st:
- Automaniac sold the 1972 Blackhawk
- another Blackhawk was sold, the 1979 model, preowned by the Stutz-founder
- and there is also a 1975 Blackhawk, located in Sweden, which found a new owner

August, 4th:
- another Swedish Blackhawk has a new owner

August, 18th:
- new pics of a 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix

August, 23rd:
two great collector items came by mail, today:
- a new postcard, showing Elvis Presley and his Blackhawk
- 1000 thanks to Armand Ruocco! He sent me his keychain!!!

December, 23rd:

Finally, there is an update, the biggest one I have ever made.

- first of all, the Stutz-homepage is now located on a new server
Please bookmark the new address:

Coming to the additions:

In the preview I stated that there will be added three cars to the registry,
well, now there are some more:
1973 Blackhawk, owned by Bill Boelcke
1974 Blackhawk, owned by Phil Iturbide
1975 Blackhawk, owned by Jim Milliken
1981 Blackhawk, owned by Jim Milliken
1986 Victoria (hopefully I will be able to add an extra website, soon!)

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Mr. Virgil Exner, jr.
His father designed the modern Stutz, he is a car-designer, too.
So you will find some new information on the following websites:
Virgil M. Exner, sr.
Virgil M. Exner, jr.
and I have added some websites, showing some of the cars, designed by Exner
(please follow the links on the Exner websites!)

Jim Milliken mailed me a lot of interesting Stutz-pictures, which he had taken in Saudi Arabia,
most of them you will find here:
Jim Milliken's photo album

So, you see, I had to renew the Hall of Fame...

I'm not able to list all websites, each one was renewed, but on the following websites you will find some interesting new information, and pictures:
1972 Blackhawk Humptrunk!!!
1974 Blackhawk, now owned by G. Bianco
1976 Blackhawk, now owned by R. Howe
1977 Blackhawk, now owned by A. Bayowski
1977 Blackhawk, owned by J. D. Frye
Pontiac Grand Prix (more to come!)

A lot of Stutz fans are fans of Elvis Presley,
so I split the Presley website into five different websites, and there are a lot of new pictures.

I want to thank all for the super-support!
Special thanks to:
Ken Bist
Bengt Dahlgren
Virgil Exner, jr.
Jim Milliken
Ron Swartley

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