What happened in 2007?

2007 was a very stutzy year!
Only 20 updates, but 11 new Stutzes were added to the registry!

The highlight was, of course, the Exner-Event with Stutz Meet.
Thanks to Jim Milliken I was able to attend, even better, I drove 5000km with his 1981 Blackhawk.
The Meet was great!
It was wonderful to see all the Stutz-, and Exner-Fans.
To see the Exner Bugatti, and the Mercer Cobra was a dream!!!
In addition to that, I saw the Studebaker-Museum, and the Duesenberg-Museum, very impressive
(and soon there will be some websites for these Museums...)
The Homepage was moved to a new server, so I have more webspace :o)
And there were 50% more page-views!

January, 16th:
- added a 1971 Blackhawk to the registry, owned by Jim Milliken
Jim made himself a late christmas gift, and so the Stutz Homepage can start with adding a rare 71 Blackhawk to the registry

February, 11th:
- new photos of a 1976 Blackhawk, thanks to Phillip Lieberman
- added a sketch of a Stutz Bear
- added some German magazines to the list of magazine articles
(all articles are featuring the 1966 Dueseberg revival: Spiegel 19/1966, Hobby 19/1966, Motor Rundschau 9/1966)

February, 25th:
- added a 1973 Blackhawk to the registry, the first owner (Max Hill) is listed in the owners-list
- added a 1979 Dunham Caballista to the Dunham-section
- added a magazine article (Collectible Automobile, April 2007) to the list of literature, featuring the Exner Chrysler GS-1

March, 13th:
- renewed website for Mr. Sacco's Diplomatica (wonderful new pics, and added a link to his own website)
- a 1974 Blackhawk was sold, now owned by Mike Clark
- renewed the website for Stutz rear-designs, finally added a rear-view of a Diplomatica

March, 24th:
- added some websites with additional design-ideas of Virgil Exner's "Spynx-Project":
(The websites for the Imperial, and the Stutz are not new, but were renewed)
- added new pics of a 1977 Blackhawk, still under restoration in England
- added two Firestone LXX-wheels to the "For-Sale"-website

April, 3rd:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale

April, 4th:
- added another 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, preowned by singer Wilson Pickett

April, 10th:
- added some photos to the website for Wilson Pickett's 1974 Blackhawk
- added two photos to the website of Johannes Narum's 1975 Blackhawk

April, 22nd:
- added a 1977 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale
- added first pictures of a 1977 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale, too
- added a 1981 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale
- Corey Raub sold his 1974 Blackhawk
- Lars Odeskaug restored his 1972 Blackhawk and shipped it to Norway
- added 3 pics of the model-prototype in scale 1:43

May, 1st:
- the Wilson Pickett Stutz was auctioned, for $ 46,000!
- added an interesting pic of a new wheelcenter to the website of Ken Bist's 1976 Blackhawk

May, 6th:
- added some new pics of Branko Kavcic's 1969 Blackhawk Prototype
- renewed some photos on the website for Jim Milliken's 1979 Bearcat
- added some new info to the website for a 1981 IV-Porte

May, 27th:
- added a 1971 Blackhawk to the registry, it was preowned by George Norman, and it's for sale
- added new info, and new pictures to the website of the unique 1971 Blackhawk Convertible, now owned by Ron Heatley

July, 4th:
- added some interesting pics of a design sketch for the prototype of the Stutz Royale
- two Blackhawks, a 1974, and a 1977 were added to the Ramsey Collection
- added a picture of the coming Blackhawk-model
- added a website for a very special event: The Era of Exner click to find out more!

July, 15th:
- added Butch Sedlow's 1972 Blackhawk to the For-Sale-website

August, 26th:
It took a little longer to create this update. Sorry!
One reason was that the homepage was moved to a new server, so I have a little more webspace (5 times more...),
for much more stutzy information, and photos. :o)
And here's the update:
- renewed the website for the "Era of Exner Event", adding a list of Stutzes for the Stutz Meet 2007
unfortunately we won't see the Duesenberg Revival, and the other cars of the Bortz Collection,
BUT: these cars were replaced by the phantastic Exner Bugatti, and Exner Mercer Cobra!!!
Wow! One of my dreams will come true, to see these cars...
- Paolo Martin sent me scans of the first two design sketches for the Royale Limousine special thanks to Paolo!
- Butch Sedlow is no longer willing to sell his 1972 Blackhawk, so I removed it from the For-Sale-website
- Phill Iturbide sold his 1974 Blackhawk, during Elvis Memorial Week

September, 9th:
- renewed website for the "Era of Exner Event", added a link to the official website
- also added two cars, a unique 1971 Blackhawk Convertible, and a Bayliff Packard Hearse
(the Bayliff Packard has nothing to do with Stutz, besides it is also a car of a revived car-manufacturer,
but the owner, Patrick Martin is one of the few persons that was at every Stutz Meet!)
- added some great pictures to the website for the unique 1972 Blackhawk that was modified by ASC
- thanks to Mr. Thrana, we relocated a 1975 Stutz Blackhawk, another car for Norway
- Paul Burt bought a second 1974 Stutz Blackhawk
- Bengt Dahlgren informed me that he found out that his 1971 Blackhawk is #13 (not #15)

October, 14th:
I'm back from the Stutz Meet, and the "Era of Exner Event", so I have some new photos for the homepage.
Please have a look at:
- website for the "Era of Exner Event"
- website for the 2007 Stutz Meet
On the following websites I added/replaced some photos:
- Bugatti 101
- Mercer Cobra
- Simca Special
- Chrysler 300 Letter Cars
- Jim Milliken's 1971 Blackhawk
- Jim Milliken's 1981 Blackhawk
- Ron Heatley's 1971 Blackhawk Convertible
- Richard Rhoades' 1971 Blackhawk
At the Meet, we had a world-première, have a look at:
- 2007 Stutz Bearcat, modified by Les Dunham, owned by Richard Rhoades
and in addition to that, I got in contact with another owner of a Caballista Convertible

I want to thank all who were at the Meet, but my special thanks to Jim Milliken, he made it possible for me to be there,
to drive his 1981 Blackhawk, and to see a lot of interesting cars, on the road, at the Meet, in some museums.
It was great, it was unique!
Thanks Jim!!!

November, 4th:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry
- added Ron Heatley's 1971 Blackhawk Hardtop Conversion to the For-Sale-website
- a 1988 Bearcat II is up for auction
- the Gabonese Stutz Royale is still in duty!

December, 11th:
- renewed website for a 1974 Blackhawk, preowned by Evel Knievel (website also renewed)
the car is now for sale!
- added some pics of old Stutzes to the website about Harry C. Stutz' cars

December, 24th:
- added a 1976 Stutz Blackhawk to the registry. Special thanks to Greg Oranges!
- added a 1980 IV-Porte to the registry, it's for sale
- added a 1986 Stutz Victoria to the registry, it's for sale
- renewed the website for two 1974 Blackhawks, stating the new owner
- added pictures of the Saudi Arabian Stutz Royale
- added photos of the Stutz D'Italia, renewed the main website for the D'Italia
- added a website with photos taken at the Padane factory
- added a website with photos taken at the Saturn factory
Special thanks to Dan Steckler
- added a 1980 press-release (adding some of the pictures to the websites for Stutzes in Saudi Arabia, and Gabon)
- added a sales sheet of  a Stutz dealer to the website with Sales Literature
Special thanks to Louis Van Den Berg!
- added a website for Exner's boat designs. Special thanks to Bill Fellner for pictures of his boat!
- renewed the website for the Packard Hearse, adding pics with both existing hearses

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