logo, photo by Alexander Beyer
Stutz Bearcat II 1988
# 1G 2FS 2187HL 215281

Stutz Bearcat II

In October 1999, just after starting the Stutz-Homepage,

Bearcat II

I was informed by a friend that there is a Bearcat II for sale in Munich, Germany.

side-view, closed
side-view, open

Before I was able to have a look at the website, the pictures were removed...

Stutz Convertible

In December 1999, the car was offered in a German car-magazine, but before I was able to get in contact with the seller,

Stutz Bearcat II Convertible

the car was sold, and the seller wasn't interested to send me any pics...

dashboard, photo by Alexander Beyer

In June 2006, we found the car again, listed for sale at a Munich car-dealer.

Stutz Bearcat II

In October 2008, the Stutz was sold to Sportwagen Engel, a classic-car dealer.

1988 Bearcat II

Mr. Engel took a lot of nice pictures, and so we can see here the beauty of a Bearcat II.

Only 13 Bearcat II were produced, so it's amazing that three made it to Germany.

All three cars were sold by Sunshine States Convertible Heaven, which was run by a German, that might explain...

1988 Bearcat II Convertible

Until the Bearcat II was sold, she was in good companionship,
here she was standing next to a yellow Bentley Continental T, preowned by Elton John.

Stutz Bearcat II with Bentley Continental T

In November 2008, the car was shown at Essen, Germany.

photo by Alexander Beyer

photo by Arne Bayer

In June 2009, the car was sold to Bahrain.

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