Stutz Bearcat II (1987/1995?)
1G 2FS 2186HL 214719

In August 2000, this Bearcat II appeared the first time at Ebay.

It was stated that it is a model of 1995.
Well, the chassis is a 1987 one,
but this car is the very last Stutz built, until today.

It's the 13th Bearcat II.

In March 2004, the car was offered by Beverly Classic Car.

I waited long time to find pictures of a closed Bearcat II.
Of course, a convertible should be driven open...

The last Bearcat II shows a tan interior.

Like the first series of Stutz, back in 1971, the Bearcat II includes a set of special suitcases.

In March 2005, the car was offered by The San Diego Collection.

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