Stutz Blackhawk 1969 prototype
pre-owned by James D. O'Donnell
photos by April Chadwick

1969 Stutz

In April 2004, this very special Stutz Blackhawk was offered at an auction, in Canada.

Stutz Blackhawk

Of course, there are some photos of this car online, already,
but this is the most interesting Stutz, and so I think you will enjoy some more photos.

1969 Stutz prototype

The auction mentioned an estimate of $100,000 to 150,000,
well, a lot of money...

preowned by J. O'Donnell

... but this is a unique car, preowned by the founder of the Stutz Company.
Mr. Ryckman showed the car with the original Firestone LXX-tires.

In November 2004, April had the chance to take some additional pictures,
now the car showed some new wheels.

new wheels on Stutz prototype

The old LXX-tires, more than 30 years old had to be replaced for driving the prototype.

LXX-tires were replaced

The new rims look similar to the original LXX-rims, but more chrome.

ready to drive

They look great, and now Mr. Kavcic, the owner can drive his unique Blackhawk.

Stutzes, 1969 and 1976

April's 1976 Blackhawk in the background.

Stutz prototype with 1976 Blackhawk

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