Stutz Blackhawk 1972
# 2K 57Y 2A 106021

1972 Blackhawk title

First owner of this car was Leo L. Gephart.
So the color isn't surprising, he owned the baseball-team "Cincinatti Reds"

1972 Stutz Blackhawk

Later the car was sold to Helen D. Williams,

Stutz raffle 1
Stutz raffle 2

she donated the car in 1997 to the American Arthritis Foundation.

1972 Blackhawk
1972 Stutz

The winner of the car traded it for another car,
and so the car was sold to Butch Sedlow.

interior left

Here you can have a look at the interior.

interior right

The rear-design, with the typical 72-Pontiac-bumper.


And here's the engine:


Butch sold the car in 1999.
But, since 2002, he owned another 72 Blackhawk, which he sold in early 2008.


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