1972 Stutz Blackhawk "humptrunk"
# 2K 57Y 2A 103298

1972 Stutz Blackhawk

In late October 2008, we discovered this rare "Humptrunk" on Ebay.

1972 Stutz

There might be only a handful of this bodyshape.
The workers at the factory tried to convince the management that a rear-design without a visible spare-wheel will look better...

Stutz Blackhawk humptrunk

Well, luckily they weren't successful!
When Richard Curotto found out, he stopped that version immediately,
and so the rest of the Blackhawk production always showed a spare-wheel.

The car will need a restoration, but it seems that all the important parts (including radiator grille, and rear bumper) are there,
just a couple of logos are missing, but these can be replaced.


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