1974 Stutz Blackhawk
# 2K 57Y 4P 211296

1974 Stutz

In August 2016, this car appeared on Ebay.

1974 Blackhawk

The car seems to be in good condition, and next to an hood ornament, it has a very rare detail:
this Blackhawk is equipped with a Paxton Supercharger!

Paxton Supercharger

The owner bought this car long ago, and obviously the supercharger was already installed, so we don't know who did this,
but always good to have "mooooore power"!

1974 Stutz Blackhawk

The car is for sale, please contact David Rivera ( 623 329 53 31 ).

1974 Blackhawk with Vega lights

Another interesting detail is the dashboard, showing a darker "wood", than on most other Blackhawks.

1974 Blackhawk interior

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