Stutz Blackhawk 1974
# 2K 57Y 4P 211770

Gerry Bianco bought this car in 2002.

And it was obviously that he had something to do, to save this car.

So, he started his work:

Unfortunately, I don't have much information, but the car showed a lot of rust,
the drivetrain seemed to be in quite good condition.

So Mr. Bianco had to do, what the craftsmen at Cavallermaggiore did before,
forming steel sheets by hand.

Even here you can see the coming beauty of a real Stutz Blackhawk!

The rear-view, without the bumper, interesting sight, but a lot of work ahead...

It looks quite difficult to rebuild the fenders!

The car is completed, again! :o)
Ready for painting.

The paint job is done!
The car looks great!!!

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