Stutz Blackhawk 1975
# 2K 57W 5P 230323

Stutz Blackhawk

At the Stutz-Meet 2004,
I had the chance to take photos of this 1975 Blackhawk in excellent condition.

Stutz and RV

Clayton Crowe, the second owner always told me that he is travelling with his RV, towing his Stutz.
I thought the Stutz was on a trailer, but there was no trailer...

towing construction

I was quite surprised to see this construction.

Stutz in tow

In June 2006, the car was sold to Johannes Narum, located in Norway.

Stutz Blackhawk, 1975

So another car came to Scandinavia, perhaps a good location for a European Stutz-Meet...

Blackhawk in Norway

The car was shown on some car shows in Norway, already,

side-view 1

and of course, it got a lot of attention.

Stutz in Norway

In August 2011, the car was sold, again. Looking forward to getting in contact with the new owners, who also have an Excalibur in their garage.

And here a photo of the interior:


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