Stutz Blackhawk 1975
# 2K 57W 5P 180805

Johnnie Taylor's Stutz

The first owner of this Stutz Blackhawk was Johnnie Taylor, a famous singer.
He was listed in the owners-list, that was published by the Stutz-Company.

1975 Stutz Blackhawk

This car appeared on Ebay, in October 2003, but it wasn't sold.

Stutz Blackhawk

In 2003, it was still a one-owner-car, showing the original paint,
having only 56,000 miles on the odometer.

1975 Blackhawk

In May 2006, the car was sold to Jan Stutts, located in Pennsylvania,
so the chances to see the car at Carlisle or Hershey are quite good.

Stutz Blackhawk 1975, owned by Johnnie Taylor

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