Stutz Blackhawk 1975
# 2K 57W 5P 230461

1975 Stutz Blackhawk, armored

In 2000, I discovered this car at DejaVu-Cars.

Sammy's Stutz?

Later, this car was for sale at Classic-Cars-International.

Stutz Blackhawk

It was said that this car belonged to Sammy Davis, jr.
It was also said to be an armored car
We have no prove of that...

I heard that the car was sold at an IRS-auction to a physician from Beverly Hills, back in 1977.
He put the Vinyl-Top on the car.
I like the non-chrome radiator.
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In early September 2010, the car was auctioned by RM (Lot E657), but shortly after that, the car was offered on Ebay.


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