Joseph Graue

owner's plate

Cincinnati, Ohio

Horse breeder and construction company owner

(The above statement was made in a list of Stutz owners, published by the Stutz Company)

Stutz Blackhawk 1976
2K 57W 6P 187546

1976 Stutz Blackhawk

In July 2004, I was contacted by the daughter of Mr. Graue, Mrs. D. Kramer.
She told me that her father had bought his Stutz in 1976.
After his death in 2003, she is the new owner of a car with only 28,000 miles on the odometer.


At the Stutz Meet 2004, she gave me the chance to see the car personally.

1976 Blackhawk

The car is in phantastic condition!
Here you can see the owners with Sonny West (middle) at the Stutz Meet 2004.

Dee Kramer, Sonny West, Ken Kramer

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