1977 Stutz Blackhawk
Stutz Blackhawk 1977
 # 2K 57K 7P 351685


The first owner of this 1977 Blackhawk was Warren Liu, who became later the owner of the Stutz company.


He traded the car in, to get a Stutz Sedan.

Mr. Miles R. Maybee, was the second owner, in 2000, he offered the car on Ebay, but it wasn't sold.

In November 2008, the car was offered, again, and was sold to Mr. Egyed.

In 2009, the car was sold to Norway, the new owner is Jens-Erlend Thrana.

He owns another interesting car, a Zimmer Golden Spirit.

The Zimmer is called a "Neo-Classic"-car, too, but there are significant differences to the Stutz.

Normal "Neo-Classics", like Zimmer or Excalibur, show next to free-standing headlights, separate front-fenders, fake sidepipes, visible spare-wheels.
And they normally show some VW Beetle parts... look at the indicators on the front-fenders of the Zimmer.
(The Excalibur used these, too, and even had taillights from the Beetle!)

Another difference is that Zimmers and Excaliburs were built in the USA, only the Stutz was built in Italy / Europe.

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