Stutz Diplomatica 1981
# 1G 6AD 699 189 179 597


These pictures are showing a real big Stutz.
To top it, you have to find a Royale...

Stutz Diplomatica

Only 7 cars were built.
As far as I know, this one is the only Diplomatica, that wasn't sold to Saudi Arabia!


According to the owners-plate on the glove-box, the car was originally sold to "Winfield Racing Stable".

1981 Stutz Diplomatica

In December 2006, there was a IV-Porte on Ebay, that showed a similar owners-plate.


The rear design is the same that Stutz made for the Royale limousine.

front seats

Pure luxury inside...


Back in the 90's, the car was offered by the last Stutz dealer, Sunshine State's Convertible Heaven.


Mr. Sacco owned the car for years, and sold it in early 2009 to a car-dealer.
In July 2009, a car-spotter from The Netherlands informed me that he saw the car on a trailer.
Unfortunately, he didn't take any photos, but at least he found out that the car is on the way to its new owner, in Hungary.

passenger compartment

The passenger compartment shows pure luxury.

rear door

Have a look at the interior:

tables in front seat

click here to see Mr. Sacco's homepage for this car

table in function

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