European Concours D'Elegance
Schwetzingen 2003

Class B
Vintage 1919-1930, open/closed

Mercedes Knight 25/65 Tourer, 1919

Mercedes 28/95 Sports Tourer, 1921

Buick Series 23 Touring, 1923

Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost Brewster Pallmall Torpedo Tourer, 1923
part of the Rolls-Royce collection of H.G. Zach,
who showed also a  RR Phantom I in Class G.
At the European Concours 2002, he showed the famous Star of India, a Phantom II from 1934.

Peugeot Quadrilette Coupé, 1926

Amilcar CGSS Duval Sportscar, 1927

Rolls-Royce Phantom I Coupé, 1927

Bugatti T44 Fiacre, 1928
picture of 2002

Cadillac 7980 Fisher Convertible Coupé, 1928

BMW Dixi "Eillieferwagen" DA1, 1928

Ford A Woody, 1928
3rd in Class

Stoewer S8 Phaeton. 1928

Mercedes Stuttgart, 1928

Voisin C11/CV14, 1928
Special Award: Most Elegant French

Chevrolet AD Roadster, 1929

Rolls-Royce Phantom I Picadilly Roadster, 1929
2nd in Class

Mercedes SS "Schwarzer Prinz", 1929
1st in Class

Ford A Roadster, 1929

European Concours 2003

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Edwardians / pre 1918
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Race- and Sportscars 1920-1970
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European Concours 2002

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