Whitsuntide 2002
at Ladenburg, Germany

It's a tradition, the Mercedes-Meeting near Heidelberg, Germany.
Several years I wasn't able to visit this event.
This year, about 120 old Mercedes cars were exhibited.

Mercedes 630
Guiet-Million 1929

One of the most impressive cars,
it's a 1925 Mercedes 630.
The car was bodied by Million-Guiet (France) in 1929.

Mercedes Nürburg
Nürburg, 1934

This is a 1934 Mercedes "Nürburg" 500.
Even in 1934, you had to show that your car has "high-tech" inside...
This sign says that the car has a 4-wheel-brake-system! Wow!!!

Mercedes 200 lang
200 lang, 1936

A model of 1936, it's a Mercedes 200 lwb.

DB 290
290 Cabrio B

Built in the same year, a Mercedes 290 Convertible B.
Mercedes built several types of convertibles.
The letter, here it's a "B", indicates a two-door convertible, with four side-windows.

Mercedes 290 Cabrio C

Also a Mercedes 290, but it's a Convertible C of 1935.

Mercedes 540K
Mercedes, 1937
540K Cabrio A

A dreamcar, back in the 30's, and still a dreamcar today:
A Mercedes 540K Cabrio A ("A" indicates a 2-door-2-side-window Convertible)
This car was built in 1937.

Mercedes 540K Cabrio C

Another 540K, built also in 1937, but the body is called "Convertible C".

Mercedes 170V Cabrio
170V Kombi

A Cabrio B, based on a 170V, built in 1939.
And an estate car, based also on a 170.

Mercedes 320, 1937
Mercedes 320 Cabrio A

The Mercedes 320 Convertible A of 1937.

There were also some cars, built in the 50's and 60's:
Mercedes 300SL
300SL Roadster

A Mercedes-Meeting, without a 300SL Roadster? No chance!
Have a look at the vanity plate: S-L 1957H
So I think the car was built in 1957, and it is definitely a SL. (S indicates that the car is registered at Stuttgart, Germany), the H states that it is a historical/veteran car.

Mercedes 300S
300S Cabriolet

Here you can see a Mercedes 300S Cabriolet, built in 1953.

Mercedes 300
Mercedes 300

Built for representation, the Mercedes 300.
(The car shows another vanity plate. W189 is the factory code for this model)

Mercedes 250SL
Mercedes Pagode

A Mercedes 250SL, a pagoda.

Mercedes SL 500
Mercedes SL 500

Not a veteran car, yet, it will take some years to see this SL500 inside the meeting-area...