Hall of Fame

I want to thank all people supporting me with facts, information, and photos.

In alphabetical order:

Tony Alvarez & son
Automobil Revue
Ken Bist
Billy Chiego
Bob's Classics
Gary Cochrane
Bob Craig
Brooks Brown
Richard Curotto
Bengt Dahlgren
Virgil M. Exner, jr.
Scott Gilkey
Serge Hudon
Fred Kendall
Kwan S. Kim
Daniel Larson
Paolo Martin
Miles R. Maybee
Stewart Mercer
Jim Milliken
Lion Models
Laurent Montaner
Jack O'Donnell
James D. O'Donnell, jr.
Frank P. Petrilli
Dan Putetti
Erik Ranka
Richard Rhoades
Armand Ruocco
Anthony Santucci
Dan Steckler
Ron Swartley
Victory Cars

and of course all other people, who sent pictures or allowed me to use their pictures.