Ital Design Structura


Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ital Design, Giugiaro designed this car,
based on an aluminium space frame.

Ital Design Structura

This concept car, shown at the International Motor Show of Geneva in 1999,
was designed to show the synthesis of high technology, and design innovation.
The spaceframe becomes part of the exterior.
Safety was important to the designers, so the car is equipped with ten airbags.
The side-windows can't be opened, so the glass can show maximum strength.
(ItalDesign created the Structura for the near future, when you don't have to pay cash for toll,
when electronic payment-methods are standard.)

1998 ItalDesign Structura

I saw this car at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999,
but these photos were taken at the Geneva Motor Show of 2002,
when the ItalDesign team exhibited the Alfa Romeo Brera, and the VW Nardò.
They used the Structura to make the trip from Italy to Switzerland, and back to Italy.
So it was one of the rare moments, when you can see a prototype on the road.
First I saw this car in the city, the car was to fast, I had no camera with me, but the next day, I was able to take these photos in front of the Motor Show.


The car is based on a Audi A8,
so the car is powered by a V8-engine, and of course it is a 4WD-car.
Giugiaro also had planned to put a V12 in the car.
(When I heard the typical Audi sound, I was really surprised to see a "Minivan"...)

In 2001, Giugiaro presented another car, showing the structure as a part of the exterior, as design-element, they showed the Aston-Martin Twenty/Twenty.
Hopefully I will be able to see this car on the road, too...

Structura in Geneva