Stutz IV-Porte 1980
# 2N 69R 9X 104777

wedding car

This IV-Porte is based on a 1979 Pontiac Bonneville.


I saw this car, back in 1997, at a US-Car-Meeting in Dübendorf, Switzerland.

Stutz IV-Porte

The car belonged to Mr. F. Stutz!


Mr. Stutz bought the car in the Emirates, and shipped it to Switzerland,
as a birthday gift for his 50th Anniversary.

1980 IV-Porte

Hopefully I will see the car again, to be able to take better pictures.


This car was featured in the German car magazine "Auto Bild Klassik", issue 6/2012 (4 pages, 16 pictures).

1980 Stutz

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