Thomas H. Heard, jr.

Palm Beach, Florida
Famous race horse owner and trainer

In a press-release from about 1976 Stutz made the above statement.

On this page I will show the IV-Porte he got in 1981.

The VIN is:
# 2G 2AN 69Y 2B 1707498

Heard's IV-Porte

Normally a Stutz has no radiator mascot, but this car shows a first owner related one.


Mr. Hofmann bought the car in 1992 from the estate of Mr. Heard.


The car is located in Germany.

front detail

Are you a really Stutz-fan?


So, which car is the best?

Stutz / Rolls-Royce

Have a look at the dimensions of the Stutz IV-Porte and the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit.
Quite surprising, isn't it?

In 1994, Mr. Hofmann made a trip "back to the roots".
He visited Cavallermaggiore, Italy.


The car was sold to Mr. Reitmair, who resold the car to Sportwagen-Engel in 2017.

So this rare IV-Porte is for sale, again.

Please contact Sportwagen-Engel, if you'd like to buy this Stutz.

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