Press Releases by
Bill Doll & Company, Inc.

During the first years, the Stutz press-releases were published by Bill Doll & Company, Inc.

On this website you will find some early Stutz information,
that was given to the International Press.

I think one of the first press releases was this one, stating that the Blackhawk was unveiled at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, "yesterday".

page 1 (136kB) - page 2 (133kB) - page 3 (134kB)
page 4 (146kB) - page 5 (108kB) - page 6 (26kB)

A little later, a press release about the background of
James D. O'Donnell, the founder of the company, was published.

page 1 (187kB) - page 2 (183kB) - page 3 (172kB)

Another press release:
Mr. James D. O'Donnell explains the idea of an American luxury car, the new Stutz.

page 1 (108kB) - page 2 (119kB) - page 3 (80kB) - fact-sheet (179kB)

Of course, the press is interested in the specifications of a car, so here are the Stutz specifications:

page 1 (80kB) - page 2 (104kB) - page 3 (67kB)

And here are some of the press-photos:

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