Blackhawk Sculpture

Stutz owners, and fans like to have a model of a Blackhawk for their collection,
but there is only the HotWheels-model.
And that is a toy, not a model. In addition to that it is out of production.

Bengt Dahlgren, owner of a 1971 Blackhawk is interested in model-cars, too,
so he was able to get in contact with a model-maker from England.

In December 2005, the project was started!

Bengt had to order 100 models.
Well, these are more sculptures, than models.

The sculpture isn't made of metal, but it looks like...

The material is resin, and in the first layer is some aluminium-powder added,
so the sculpture can be polished later. Some patina is added for the perfect look.

The scale is about 1:92, so it's quite close to the collector scale 1:87 / H0-scale,
like the Royale-model, made by Lion Models.

The Blackhawk sculpture measures about:
length 54mm
width 22mm
height 15mm
(including the base: length 57mm, width 30mm, height 18mm)

Autosculpt made a wonderful job!

If you are interested in buying a sculpture:
email your order to Bengt Dahlgren
price: 25$, plus 5$ shipping (add an extra of 9$ for insurance)
(Bengt accepts cash or Paypal)

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