1960 Ghia Selene II

The Ghia Selene II was designed in 1960, by Virgil Exner, Jr.
His father was a designer, too, he presented the Plymouth XNR, at the same year.

Selene II

I saw this car in 1990, when it was exhibited at "Barclay Fascination Cars",
an Extra Show at the International Motor Show of Geneva.
Later this show toured through Switzerland.

Even today, the car still looks futuristic.

In June 2002, the Ford Company sold several concept cars, among these, the Selene II was sold, too.
The estimate was 40,000 to 80,000$, the final bid was more than 88,000$.
And we are talking about a car, that you won't be able to drive.
Ford stated that the car has no engine, and a non-working suspension...

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