International Motor Show Geneva 2002

Alfa-Romeo, sexy, like the new GTA!

Audi PresseAudiAudi Shop
During the press-days you could get the first bag, later, the second one was given away.
Small or big, the third one you could get at the shop, in at least two different sizes.

BMW, a German company with an English slogan, stating the event in French language...

CitroŽn C3 VorneCitroŽn C3 hinten
Citroën celebrated the premiere of the C3.
Is that car the real replacement vor the 2CV?

The Daewoo "Rucksack"

Daihatsu, a normal bag, with any relation to the actual event.

Fiat 1Fiat 2
Fiat, a "young" company.

The Ford Company gave away these linen bag. This material was rare at Geneva.

General Motors featured the TrailBlazer by Chevrolet.

Giugiaro Ital Design
Ital Design, one of my favorite design-companies gave me this big bag. I like it!

Karmann 2001
Obviously a bag of 2001, I got the same at the 2001 Motor Show of Frankfurt, Germany.

Range Rover 1Range Rover 2
The bag of Land-Rover, now a trademark owned by Ford, showed details of the new Range Rover.

Lexus CabrioLexus RX
The Lexus bag showed the new Convertible and the RX-model.
For that kind of money you can even get a nice car!

DaimlerChryler listed all the car-companies they have.
Chrysler, Jeep, Maybach, Mercedes and Smart.

CLK sketchCLK Photo
The premiere of the CLK caused two bag-designs.
Smart VorneSmart Hinten
A smart idea to show a front- and a rear-view of the facelifted Smart.

Mini OneMini
The well-known Mini-Slogan, now on a bag, too.

The Nissan bag.

Vectra avantVectra hinten
French and German words on a bag showing the front and the rear of the new Vectra.

Vel SatisRenault
The Vel Satis of Renault, not specially made for the Motor Show of Geneva.

Saab simply showed the company-logo.

Skoda, showing the homepage-address.

CorollaCorolla 2Toyota Stoff
Toyota had a paper bag, or a linen one.

Phaeton 1Phaeton 2
VW LogoVW Polo
The new luxury-car of Volkswagen, or the small Polo, both items I could add to my collection.

I hadn't a bag of this company, yet.
So it is one of my highlights.

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