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Vector W8 TwinTurbo
1990 - 1992

Vector front

Back in 1972, Gerald Wiegert, a 24 year old designer, presented the very first and ultimate American supersportscar-prototype,
called Vector, at the Los Angeles Motorshow.

1990 Vector W8

He needed 18 years to get it into production, then called W8-TwinTurbo.

Vector W8-TwinTurbo

So, in 1990, the first 5 W8 were built, including 2 prototypes.


The car shown on these pictures is one of the first production year.

Vector at Hockenheim racetrack

This car is located in Switzerland, owned by F. Lienhard, initiator of .

The following photos show a model of 1992, shown at the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany, until it was auctioned in 2010.

Vector front II

In total, there were only 19 W8 built, between 1990 to 1992.

1992 Vector

In October 2010, the car, part of the Hooper (famous Rolls-Royce coachbuilder) collection, was auctioned.

Vector W8

The high-bid was $ 250,000.00!

Vector W8 1992

These pictures were taken many years ago, I didn't have a digital camera,

1992 Vector W8

so I'm sorry for the poor quality, partially caused by a mechanic problem of the camera...


Out of 19 cars, there are 4 cars in Europe.


I'm still hunting for the fourth one!

another front-view

In late 2010, a Vector enthusiast gave me the chance to see my third Vector.
It's also a model of 1992, but shows some different details:

front of #17

This time, I had my digital camera with me...

light show

Vector-fans can see the differences on the front end.

Vector front

This car of 1992 shows a modified front-spoiler, and a different grill.

1992 W8

This car, showing VIN #17 is the last but one of production.

Vector W8

Later, Vector was taken over by some investors from Indonesia.

W8 Twin Turbo

They created the M12, a completely different car, powered by a Lamborghini engine.


Here is a look into the cockpit, with all high-tech features that were available, back in the 1990's.

ready for take-off

This car was featured in the German special interest car magazine "Motor-Klassik".

out in the green

Jerry Wiegert is still trying to get some new Vector supercars on the road.


We will see...

Vector W8 Twin Turbo

The chances to see one of these cars are really small,

Vector TwinTurbo

and most people won't even know what they have seen...


In 2010, Spark-Models made the Vector enthusiasts happy, by selling models in 1:43.

Spark Vector

Here is my one, placed next to a kit-model,

2 Vector models

which was produced in a very small number.

Vector models

Motor Klassik 10/2010 (German), 4 pages, 10 photos

Technical Data:

V8-Biturbo, 5973ccm, 634hp/466kW, 854Nm

Length: 436cm
Width: 208,3cm
Height: 108cm

Tires: Front 255/45 ZR16, Rear 315/40 ZR16