Stutz Victoria 1986
# 1G 3BN 69Y 7F 9037931


In October 2002, I found this car at Ebay.

1986 Stutz Victoria

The reserve-price wasn't met.
In April 2003, the car was listed again, and this time it was sold.


The car was offered by "Jersey One Discount Auto Sales",
the boss had driven the car for several years.

Victoria 1986

Even with the actual "patina", the car shows the luxury, and beauty of a 1986 Stutz.

interior detail

Later, the car was offered by Lance Motors, who had also offered Kenny Rogers' IV-Porte.
In July 2003, the car was sold to Mr. Douthitt.

1986 Stutz Victoria

In March 2004, I got the following photos:

modified Victoria

The car was completely restored, and modified.

front detail

Interesting to see that the colored bumpers make the car look much more modern,
in comparison with the original, chromed bumpers.


David Douthitt is double-D, and the Stutz is the V8.


An impressive front-view!

black Stutz

Black is beautiful!

Stutz Sedan

Even the steering wheel was modified.

steering wheel

This car was at the Graceland Stutz Meet, in 2004.

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