Stutz Victoria
Stutz Victoria 1986
# 1G 3BY 69Y 3FY 353016


This rare Stutz Victoria was sold at Monaco, by Voitures Extraordinaires.

1986 Victoria

The first owner, Dr. Karin Von Schorlemer, brought the car to Switzerland,

owners plate

side view

than the owner moved to Andorra, and took the car with her.

Stutz Victoria 1986

For about 15 years, the car was stored...

rear view

So the Victoria has only 35,000 kilometers on the odometer.


The interior looks great, like new!

TV and video

According to the owner, the TV, and Video was built in later.


The Stutz is now located in Switzerland, again.

And it is for sale:
Please contact
Switzerland ++41 (0)62 748 83 00 (Mr. Marti)

Interesting, additional detail:
The owner has some more cars for sale.
Most interesting (in my opinion) is a 1987 Aston-Martin Lagonda, which seems to attract quite a few of Stutz owners.
I know at least two other Stutz owners, who had a Lagonda in their garage, too.

Lagonda and Stutz

The designs are very different, the price range were similar, and also the production figures show some similarities.
In total, there are about 600 Lagondas, and about 600 Stutzes (all models) were built.

Stutz and Lagonda

In addition there are two Cadillac Allanté,

Allante blackAllante silver

the Cadillac Fleetwood seems to need some work, there is a Corvette,

Cadillac FleetwoodChevrolet Corvette

a neo-classic Destiny, based on a Ford, and a GMC Van.

DestinyGMC Van

For all these cars, please contact ++41 62 748 83 00 (Mr. Marti)

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