Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este 2009
Special-Exhibition Prototype-Museum Hamburg

Coming from the Prototype-Museum Hamburg,
where the special exhibition about aerodynamic-styled cars just closed the doors...

DVD Delfosse 1947

Petermax Müller Worldrecordcar 1948

Kamm K3 1938
Wunibald Kamm was a pioneer in aerodynamic car-design.
Back in 1938, he created this car, based on a Mercedes 170V.

Porsche Typ 64 / VW Typ 60 K10
Professor Porsche designed this special Volkswagen for the race Berlin-Rome.
Only three cars were built, two were wrecked, so this is the only existing one, today.
The design obviously inspired the 356.

Porsche 356 "Ferdinand"
This car, VIN 5047, is the oldest Porsche 356 built at Stuttgart, after Porsche moved from Gmund in Austria.
It's a Pre-A-Series.

Concorso 2009
Klasse A
Pre-War Open Cars
Klasse B
Pre-War Closed Cars
Klasse C
Pre-War Sportscars
Klasse D
International Prestige - Closed
Klasse E
Modena's Thouroughbreds
Klasse F
International Presitige - Open
Klasse G
Racing Cars from the 1950's 
Klasse H
Italian Style becomes international 
Conceptcars & Prototypes
Special Show BMW
Special Show Bugatti
Special Show Streamline

Ghia Gilda, 1955

Bertone Spicup, 1969

Pininfarina Hyperion, 2008

Bertone Mantide, 2009

Infiniti Essence, 2009

Zagato Perana Z-One, 2009