Vehicle Identification Number

It is, for several reasons important, that a car can be identified, for this reason each car has a VIN.

According to the book "Standard Catalog Of American Cars" I will try to show,
what the VIN can tell us about the car:

The very first Stutz shows the following VIN:


2: The first symbol indicates GM division, 2 is "Pontiac".
76: The second and third symbol indicate the model-series, 76 is "Grand Prix".
57: The fourth and fifth symbol indicate the body style, there are no Grand Prix Sedans, a Grand Prix was only available as a Coupé, so 57 stand for 2-dr HardTop Coupé, 5 seats.
9: The sixth symbol shows model year, 9 stands for 1969
P: The seventh symbol indicates the assembly plant,
P is Pontiac, Michigan
A is Atlanta
147558: The serial number itself, starting with # 100001.

For the model year 1972 the VIN-code was slightly changed.

For example:

2: The first symbol still indicates the General Motors division, 2 is "Pontiac"
K: The second symbol, an alphabetical one, indicates the model-series,
K - "Grand Prix"
For the model-year 1976, they made a minor change.
The second symbol, still indicating the model, showed now a
J for Grand Prix, and a
K for Grand Prix SJ
In 1977 they added another model-letter,
J - Grand Prix
K - Grand Prix LJ
H - Grand Prix SJ
In 1978 Pontiac downsized the Grand Prix, so Stutz had to use "old" cars, until they presented in 1979 a renewed Blackhawk, best recognized showing a new rear (lights above the bumber).
The renewed models show a "N" as second symbol of the VIN, this indicates, that the car is based on a Pontiac Bonneville.
57: The third and fourth symbol indicates the body style, still a 2-dr HardTop Coupé, 5seater
In 1979, after changing the base-car, you can find the following symbols:
37 - 2dr, coupé
69 - 4dr, 4 window sedan
Y: The fifth symbol is engine related.
"Y" indicates a V8; 455ci, 4 carburetors, 250hp, dual exhaust
"W" indicates a V8; 455ci, 4carburetors, 215hp
"K" indicates a V8; 403ci, 4 carburetors, 185hp
In 1979 they used a "R" to indicate a V8, 350ci, 4carburetors, 160hp
2: The sixth symbol indicates the model-year
A: The seventh symbol indicates the assembly-plant
A for Atlanta
P for Pontiac
X for Fairfax, Kansas
105065: Serial number, starting at 100,001

In 1981 the Vin-code was changed again...

For example:

2: the first symbol indicates country
1 - USA
2 - Canada
G: second symbol indicates manufacturer, "G" is General Motors
2: the third symbol indicates again the division,
2 - Pontiac
3 - Oldsmobile
6 - Cadillac
A: fourth symbol indicates restraint system,
A - manual (standard)
N: fifth symbol indicates model,
D - DeVille
N - Bonneville, if it is a Pontiac; Delta 88 Royale, if it is an Oldsmobile
S - Pontiac Firebird
W - Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
69: sixth and seventh symbol indicates body-type,
21 - ???
37 - 2dr, coupé
69 - 4dr, 4 window sedan
87 - 2dr, hardtop coupé
Y: eigth symbol indicates engine,
Y - V8, 307ci, 4 carburetors
9 - V8, 368ci, DFI
8: ninth symbol is a check digit
B: tenth symbol indicates model-year, starting with
A - 1980
B - 1981
C - 1982
D - 1983
E - 1984
F - 1985
G - 1986
H - 1987
1: eleventh symbol indicates assembly-plant,
L - Van Nuys, CA
M - Lansing, Michigan
N - Norwood, Ohio
1 - Oshawa, Ontario
9 - Detroit
707134: serial number

I hope, that you found through this..., it's a bit complicated, but very interesting...

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