Virgil M. Exner

After his heart-attack, Virgil M. Exner started to do some water-color-paintings for recovery.

The paintings, dated 1956 to 1958, don't show any cars,
and so you can see the artwork of a designer.
These landscapes, or that little, old town were designed by Exner, like he designed his cars.

Exner used the same technique that he used to illustrate some of his design sketches for Chrysler,
and earlier he used it to show the beauty of Studebaker cars.

You can imagine the cold out in the snow, the heat out in the dessert, the storm...
but the scenes only existed in the head of Exner, they don't exist in reality.

Please note:
All these pictures are copyrighted by Mr. Exner. All rights reserved!
Do not use without written permission!!!

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