Virgil M. Exner, jr.
The Spynx-Project

Back in 2004, Virgil Exner sent me some design proposals for a new Stutz Revival.
When I visited him, he showed me some more sketches.

The very beginning of all these designs were the following two sketches:

Above, a sporty 4-door sedan with a coupe-styled tail.
Below, an even sportier, aerodynamic coupe, based on the same design.

These boat-tail designs led to four different car-series:

the Aero-series,

the Imperial-designs,

the Spynx-series, which was developed in an idea for a Stutz revival,

including also an X-series, of course, X for Exner,

and the Royale-cars, some sort of a Super-Spynx

Taking photos of these designs was like being a spy (not a spynx) in a car-company,
but, of course, I have taken the pictures WITH the permission of the designer...

By the way, I named all these designs the Spynx-Project.
On one of the early designs, there was a sphynx, and the letters s p y n x,
well, there was missing an h...
Hmmm, must be a really timeless design, when the h (speak "age") is missing!

Please note:
All these design sketches are copyrighted by Mr. Exner. All rights reserved!
Do not use without written permission!!!

the Spynx-Project:

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