Bertone Birusa
Geneva 2003

front view

The Birusa is based on a BMW, as you can see at the front.

Bertone Birusa

Birusa, a name coming from a word in Italian slang, standing for a brilliant, and resourceful person.

side-view 1

The chassis for the prototype was borrowed from a BMW Z8.

2003 BMW Birusa by Bertone

And so the Birusa follows a tradition, that started with the grandfather of the Z8, the BMW 502, followed by the 3200CS.

rear view

Technical Data:
length: 440cm
width: 190cm
height: 120cm
wheelbase: 285cm, extended (30cm) Z8-chassis
V8-engine, 4.9-litre
6-speed gearbox
front tyres: 255/35 R20
rear tyres: 275/35 R20

Auto & Design 138, February 2003 (8 pages, 29 pictures)

side-view 2

Geneva Motor Show 2003