International Motor Show
Geneva 2003

At Geneva you can see the newest cars,

Well, I thought so...
New? Car?

So, I went to the next one...

O.K., it's new, but a car?

AHHHH, I want to see a CAR!

That's a Challenge!
Sbarro created a model, named Challenge several years ago,
so it's NOT a new car, and this one is not even completed.

AH! That's a new one!
A Sbarro Bourlingueur, based on the Citroën Berlingo.
The rear-view looks similar to a Hummer.
What will GM do? Hopefully they don't do the same, like they did with the Avanti Studebaker!

Definitely a Porsche, but this one was built by a Swiss company, Rinspeed.

The side-view shows that it isn't a normal Porsche 911turbo anymore.

Coming to another car, that one is planned to be produced.
The new Bitter!

And here is a not-so-sporty-car, designed by EDAG.
Last year, they had shown the Keinath,
this year there is the Cinema.

And here we have a production car, but it's so expensive, that the chances to see it on the road are almost the same as to see one of the concept cars.

Similar in price, and color, but the styling is quite different.
And I think it isn't a better one.
The Rolls-Royce New Phantom, a company owned by BMW.

Back to smaller, and cheaper cars

The Ford StreetKa.

Do you really need an Italian Design Company to create this VW?

Pininfarina showed also a suggestion for a new Fiat.

Fiat showed some new models, also.
Here is the "Idea".

And here is the "Gingo". New models for production.

I think we won't see a production of the "Marrakech".

Perhaps there will be a Simba, if Fiat is able to survive...

Alfa-Romeo showed a facelifted Spider, and the same modification was made for the GTV.

They showed also a new model, the GT.

And they showed a prototype, the Kamal.

Fiat owns, next to Alfa-Romeo, and Ferrari

also Lancia.
They presented the new Ypsilon.

Castagna, an old Italian design company showed an interesting car.

This Ford Thunderbird wasn't shown by Ford.
Valmet showed the car, with a modified top.

Valmet is also producing the Porsche Boxster, and so we can go to Stola.
This company modifies the Boxster.

Porsche showed at Geneva the new GT3.

And there is another Porsche, going into production,
the Carrera GT.

Even more expensive:
Bugatti will start production in 2004.

Coming from the same family, but cheaper, and available today,
the Bentley Continental GT.

Smaller, cheaper, and more funny,
the Daihatsu Copen.

Coming from Marocco, the renewed prototype of the Laraki Fulgura.
They showed also the concept of a Coupe, alled Borac.

More sporty, the new "small" Lamborghini, the Gallardo.
In my opinion, the front is to similar to the Murciélago.
But I like the rear, and
I'd like to drive it...

Another Supercar, the Pagani Zonda, now available as Roadster.

I hope you have enjoyed these pics.
During the following weeks, I will try to add some wbesites, showing more photos, and information.

Other cars, shown at Geneva:
Audi Nuvolari
Bertone Birusa
Cadillac Sixteen
Dilip Chhabria Gaia
Ital Design Moray
Orca 113
Pininfarina Enjoy
Suzuki Concept-S
Toyota Fine-S
Volvo VCC

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