Laraki Fulgura
(2002 / 2003 / 2004)

Laraki Fulgura 2002

Laraki Fulgura

The world premiere for a new sportscar happened at the
International Motor Show of Geneva, in 2002.

Fulgura 2002

Laraki, a company from Maroco planned to produce this model.

1. Version

The car should be powered by a Lamborghini-engine.

Genf 2002

Laraki Fulgura 2003

Laraki Fulgura 2003

In 2003, at the Geneva Motor Show a renewed design was presented.

2003 Fulgura

Laraki removed the Lamborghini engine, and put a Mercedes engine in the car.

Genf 2003

Laraki Fulgura 2004

Laraki Fulgura 2004

Another year later, the Geneva Motor Show 2004, the design was renewed, again.

3. Version

The car had almost nothing in common anymore with the first version.

Fulgura 2004

The front isn't so unique, but the rear shows some aggressivity,
which isn't wrong on a supersportscar.

Genf 2004

The rear-lights may look a little bit oriental,
but the exhausts reminds me to the wild, wild west...

Fulgura V12

Soon, the production should start, we will see.
The buyer has the choice of two different Mercedes-engines, a V8, or a V12.

Fulgura V8

The interior looks quite good, I'd like to have a ride.

Interieur Fulgura