International Motor Show
Geneva, Switzerland

This time, there were a lot of concept cars, and prototypes at Geneva, but some of them were also shown at the International Motor Show of Frankfurt, Germany, in 2001.

Infidel 1
Infidel 2

Very interesting, and the first time in Europe, an engineering company from India:
Dilip Chhabria Design
The Infidel is based on a Toyota MR2.

Also placed in the basement of the show:
Laraki Fulgura

Coming from Spain, Mazel showed the HS21-GTS race-car.
In 2000, they showed the HS21, a concept of a supersportscar.
In 2001, they presented the K8, a luxury Sedan.

VW W12 world record car

Not made for races, but for world records.
The evolution of the Volkswagen W12 Syncro.

Ital Design Narḍ

Ital Design showed the evolution of the world-record car, the Nardò.
It looks quite better, showing this color, isn't it?

VW Phaeton

Also presented by Volkswagen, the Phaeton.

Skoda Tudor

The premiere of the Skoda Tudor.
The car is based on the Skoda Superb, that is based on the VW Passat, so the Tudor is something like a PassatCoupé.
It won't be a production model.

polished Audi A2

Audi showed a polished version of an aluminium A2.
The plastic parts were chromed or replaced by aluminium parts.

Bentley R Continental

Another car of the Volkswagen family.
Bentley showed this R Continental.
You have to show historic cars, if you don't have a history anymore...
Rolls-Royce was missing at Geneva in 2002...


BMW, coming soon as producer of the new Rolls-Royce, showed the CS1.
It's a convertible concept car, showing design-elements of the coming series 1 car.
We will see...


Mercedes showed the all new Maybach.
Well, it was hidden, behind black panes of glass. Super idea!
Instead they showed a model of 1938, a SW38. This car was shown at Geneva before, in 1938...

Chrysler Crossfire

Also coming from DaimlerChrysler, but showing a different design.
The Chrysler Crossfire.
An American car, based on a Mercedes, built by Karmann.

Karmann Transformer

Karmann showed again the Transformer.

Jeep Compass

You were able to have a look at the Jeep Compass.

Keinath GT/C Cabrio

The Keinath GT/C had its premiere as convertible at Geneva.
In cooperation with EDAG they showed a car, that hadn't so much in common with the earlier Keinath production car, an evolution of the Opel GT, the German Mini-Corvette.

Opel Concept M

The Opel Concept M.
Showing similar design elements, like the all new Vectra.

Opel Vectra

The Vectra world premiere, by Opel.
The styling shows elements of the Cadillac CTS, coming also from General Motors.

Cadillac Cien

Cadillac, showing the Cien.
It's a birthday gift from Cadillac to Cadillac, celebrating 100 years of Cadillac.

GM Autonomy

The Autonomy concept car from General Motors, to futuristic for production.

Saab 93-X

Saab, also a brand of GM, showing the 93-X.
Very similar, but not identical to the 9-X, presented at Frankfurt 2001.

Bertone Novanta

Also based on a Saab, the Bertone Novanta.
Not a beauty, but a nice color!

Pininfarina showed again the Ford Start, presented at Frankfurt 2001.

Volvo ACC2

Volvo and its ACC2
Simply Volvo, but quite different.


After failing with the first version of a French sportscar, Venturi will try a restart.
We will see, if the Fetish can be successful...


Irmscher showed an interesting roadster.
The radiator grill is awful, the color, too.
The rest is a remix of Morgan and Wiessmann, you can't go wrong with that.

Toyota 1
Toyota FXS
Toyota UUV

Toyota showed three concept-cars.
The p.o.d. for the city, a sporty roadster, called FXS, or the UUV, a Urban Utility Vehicle.


Mazda showed also a prototype for the city...

Mazda RX8

A better looking car, the RX-8, a four-door Coupé, with Wankel-engine.

Suzuki GSX/4

Even more sporty, the Suzuki GS-X/4.

Subaru HM-01

Less sporty, the Suburu HM-01, a hybrid-car.


Also a hybrid-car, made by Daihatsu.


Coming back, showing more power, a Honda prototype.

Mitsubishi SUP

The Mitsubishi S.U.P.

Mitsubishi CZ2

The CZ2.

Mitsubishi CZ3

The CZ3 Tarmac.

Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

And, known from Frankfurt 2001, the Pajero Evolution.

Nissan Yanya

A concept car from Nissan, called Yanya.

Nissan GT-R

Faster, and better looking, the GT-R.

Ital Design Brera

Ital Design showed the Alfa-Romeo Brera.

Fioravanti 1
Fioravanti 2

Fioravanti showed the 2001 prototype, based on an Alfa Romeo, and a new crossover concept car.


The Pagani got some modifications.
Now showing a 7.3 litre engine, instead of 7.0 litres.
Power is all you need...

From Italy to France:
Citroën showed again the C-Crosser, next to the new C3 and C8.

Peugeot RC

Peugeot, showing an interesting sportscar, the RC.

Renault Espace

The new Espace, coming soon.

Renault Talisman

Also a Renault, the Talisman, shown at Frankfurt, too.

Rinspeed Presto

The Rinspeed Presto, a roadster.
Press a button, and you will get a 4-seater, instead of a short 2-seater.

Sbarro Picasso

Geneva without Sbarro? Never!

Sbarro X5

Also made by Sbarro, this BMW X-5 variation.

My personal highlight wasn't shown at the Motor Show, this year.
But the Ital Design Structura was shown some years before, this time it made the journey on the road. I saw it first in the city, the next morning I was able to take some pictures.
The pictures will be shown soon.

After the show, just a short visit to the car-museum, a very dark one...


An impressing concept-car, called Carcerano, made in 2001.

Lamborghini Miura

And, as every year, the show was also a location for an auction of interesting collector-cars, like this beautiful Lamborghini Miura.

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