This concept car of a sport-utility-van had its premiere at the German IAA, in 2001.

Thanks to raised front-seats, the front passengers have a superb view.
The passengers on the backseats won't...
Super, because so you won't have passengers on the backseat so often, so you can change the car into a pickup!

Geneva 2002

Typical for Citroën is the hydraulic suspension.

Geneva 2002

To get the car off-road, Citroën spent him a 4WD and an all-wheel-steering.
The driver can choose the position of the driver-seat, thanks to "drive-by-wire"-technology.
So he can place himself even in the middle of the frontseats, that reminds him to the Ital DesignColumbus, a much bigger car, but similar in design.

The C-Crosser was also presented at the Swiss Motor Show of Geneva, in 2002.


technical data, as far as I know:
length: 4,28m
engine: 2,0HPi
seats: 6


2002 Motor Show at Geneva, Switzerland