Geneva Motor Show 2006

The Geneva Motor Show is always one of the event-highlights for me.
This year, I wasn't allowed to visit the show during the press days, so I didn't get that kind of information that I got last year. For that reason, I just visited the "Salon" for two days.
I was able to take more than 650 digital photos, about 150 I will show on the following websites.
This year, I wasn't to impressed by the concept-cars, no really breathtaking, beautiful models were shown, well, O.K. some were interesting...
On the other side, I was surprised that every year the number of old cars increases.

This year, Geneva showed
54 First World Presentations
22 First European Presentations, and
35 First Swiss Presentations

Let's start with the cars that are

ready for production

Alfa-Romeo presented the Brera Convertible, that is named traditionally "Spider".
The "Convertible of the Year"!

At Frankfurt 2005, the BMW Z4 Coupe was a project-car,
at Geneva BMW showed the production model, also available as powerful model of the M-Series.

Castagna, well known for their conversions of the Mini presented, next to the Woodie,
the new Tender, the ideal Mini for beach, sun and fun. Not the ideal car for Great Britain...
They also showed the reincarnation of the Isotta-Fraschini Imperial Landaulet, which you can find

Chevrolet showed the Corvette Z06 in a version that raced LeMans.

Another fast car, the new Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano, designed by Pininfarina.

Ital Design showed the Ferrari GG50,
celebrating Giorgetto Giugiaro's 50th anniversary in the car-design-business.

Fisker repainted the Tramonta, getting closer to production.

Now the Ford Focus is also available as a Convertible/Coupe.

The Gumpert Apollo is already in production.

Lamborghini renewed the Murciélago, now it's more powerful, 640hp!

Another sporty car, the new Lotus Europe, based on the Elise, bringing back a traditional name.

Mercedes showed the new GL-model, the old G-model stays in production, but will be replaced by the new series someday.
The GL, and the G show now the extension 4-matic in the name, to show that they are real 4WD.

Opel revived the old name "GT", again a baby-Corvette, similar to the Pontiac Solstice,
but more powerful.

Porsche presented three new models at Geneva, here's the new 911 GT3.
more pics

The 911 turbo was modified, of course to get more power.
The third new model is a more powerful Cayenne turbo, the turbo S.

The first time at Geneva, the Santana, a Land-Rover Defender based car from Spain.

Sbarro showed again the Mille Miglia, also available in red...

A car from India, a double-cab pickup from Tata.

The Tramontana is no longer a concept, it's in production now.

The Zest, back to the basic, using the same parts for the front and the rear.
Showing that you don't need a lot of power to enjoy driving.

Geneva Motor Show 2006: the old concept-cars
Geneva Motor Show 2006: the new concept-cars
Geneva Motor Show 2006: the old cars

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