Geneva Motor Show 2006
old cars

The oldest Swiss car magazine, the Automobil Revue, celebrated the 100th Anniversary.
So they showed some interesting cars:

Alfa-Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Freccia D'Oro, 1948
After the car was featured in an issue of 1948, the car remained officially as a test-car at the the car-magazine, but owned by R. Braunschweig, chef-editor of the Automobil Revue.
In 1968, the car was featured again in a long-run-test.

Pininfarina Audi Quartz quattro, 1981
Pininfarina didn't like the original design for the all new Quattro,
so he dedicated his Quartz to the 75th Anniversary of the Automobil Revue.

Auto Union Typ C, 1936, Replica
The original car was given to the German Museum in Munich, back in 1937.
Automobil Revue had the chance for a ride, in 1995.
Shown at Geneva is a replica, built by Crostwaithe & Gardiner, UK.

BMW 507, 1959
This car was featured in a roadtest, and BMW closed a part of the German Autobahn, so the Automobil Revue was able to do high-speed tests.

Bugatti T51, 1931
Achille Varzi was the first owner of this early T51, he sold it to Bugatti, and the car won some important races, the car was sold again, to Varzi, again.
After the restoration, back in 1973, the car was featured in an issue of the Automobil Revue.

Toyota Corona 1600, 1967
One of the first Toyotas coming to Switzerland.

Delahaye 135MS Convertible, body by Graber, 1948.
This 135MS was bodied by the Swiss coachbuilder Graber, and it was featured on the cover of the yearly catalogue issue of the first Swiss car magazine.

Dufaux Grande Voiture, 1905
In 1905 the Dufaux set a new speed-record, 156km/h!
The car was given to the Swiss "Verkehrshaus"-Museum by Mr. Dufaux, back in 1942.

Ford GT40, 1966.
In 1966, Automobil Revue was able to feature a roadtest of a street-version.

Mercedes 300SLR (Uhlenhaut Coupe), 1956
R. Uhlenhaut, Mercedes chef-engineer, and friend R. Braunschweig (chef editor of Automobil Revue) discussed the possibility of building a street-legal 300km/h-car.
Uhlenhaut built the 300SLR, and the Automobil Revue was the only car-magazine which was allowed to publish a roadtest. Well, the car only was able to go 286km/..., back in 1956!

Monteverdi High Speed 375S, 1968
Frua-designed, Chrysler-powered, Swiss-built

Pininfarina's concept for a safe Formula I racecar, designed by Paolo Martin.
More photos on extra website

Porsche 356 prototype, 1948.
This is the very first 356, it was sold to a Swiss, and made it possible to start the production.
It is now owned by the Porsche company, and normally not allowed to be shown outside the Porsche Museum.

NSU Ro80, 1970
The Automobil Revue asked the Swiss Ro80-driver about their experience with the rotary engine,
and every(!) driver sent back the form.

VW Passat Variant, 1974
A test-car, equipped with all the old technology that was needed, back in 1974.

Some of the exhibiting car manufacturers also showed some old cars.
Lancia showed four!

Lancia Beta Torpedo 15HP, 1909

Lancia Aurelia Gran Turismo 2500 Spider, 1955

Lancia Fulvia (1st series), 1967

Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO Martini Group 4, 1992

Mercedes 300SL

Shown at Bertone: Lamborghini Miura
more pics

Mazel showed another Hispano-Suiza, this time not a new concept, but an original one.

Zagato celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the 250GTZ,
they are now working on a new 575GTZ, curious to see that car...

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