Hispano-Suiza HS21

Hispano-Suiza HS21

At the 2000 International Motor Show of Geneva, you were surprised with the rebirth of the legendary Hispano-Suiza.
Mazel, an engineering-company from Spain, presented the HS21, a prototype of a supersportscar, powered by a BMW-engine.

HS 21, by Mazel

One of the most important design-elements is the "nostalgic" radiator-grill.
But the car shows also several other similarities with another revival car, the Bugatti prototypes18/3, or 18/4, which was changed into the 16/4 Veyron concept car.
Mazel has also an agency at Wolfsburg, Germany, the home of Volkswagen, and Volkswagen will produce the Bugatti. A coincidence?

2000 Hispano-Suiza

In 2001, Mazel showed the  K8, a luxury sedan.
2002, they presented, again, a sportscar, the HS21-GTS.
And in 2004, I was surprised to see a repainted HS21 at the Geneva Motor Show, again.

2004 Hispano-Suiza HS21