Orca 113
Geneva Motor Show 2003 / 2005

Orca 113

Switzerland is well known for chocolate, cheese, snow, and mountains.

Swiss Orca

Car enthusiasts will probably remember the cars of Monteverdi,
and Sbarro is a highlight of each Motor Show of Geneva.


In 2003, there was another Swiss car:
The Orca 113!
Put together within several years, by the idea of a single person.
Now, there are plans to produce a small series of this traditional long-distance-racing-car.
Only 99 cars will be produced.

Geneva 2003

Technical data:
V8-engine, 650hp
weight: 850kg
length: 402cm
width: 202cm
height: 96cm(!)
top speed: over 360km/h


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In 2005, Orca showed the same car at Geneva, again,
it was recolored orange, and the location was better.

Production will start soon.

Two other models will be produced, too.
One open-top version, also limited to 99 cars.

The other model is the SC7:

This car is even more powerful, having an engine with 800hp!

This car will be built only 7 times,
and as far as I have heard these cars are already sold!

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