Audi Nuvolari
Geneva 2003

Audi Nuvolari

At Geneva 2003, Audi showed a concept car, named Nuvolari.
Tazio Nuvolari won the very last Grand Prix for Auto Union, back in 1939.
Nuvolari died in 1953, 50 years ago.

2003 Audi prototype

The Nuvolari Coupé shows a lot of ideas that you will find on future cars of Audi.
The big radiator-grill, inspired by the old Grand-Prix-racers.
The rear-lights, you can see in similar design on the A8, already.

Nuvolari Coupe

Technical Data:
V10-biturbo-engine, 5,0-litre, 600hp
governed maximum-speed: 250km/h

length: 480cm
width: 192cm
height: 141cm
wheelbase: 289cm

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2003 Audi Nuvolari

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