Bertone Novanta

Bertone Novanta

The Novanta was designed to celebrate the 90th birthday of Bertone.
After the concept car "Filo", it is again a prototype, showing the possibilities of the "drive-by-wire"-technology.
Based on a Saab drivetrain, the Novanta has one door on the left side, the passenger's side has two doors.
The rear lights, aligned with the exhausts, can only be seen, when lit.

In my opinion the Novanta is again a typical, modern, or even futuristic Bertone-car, unfortunately it doesn't show the beauty of, for example, cars designed by Giugiaro.

Saab Novanta

Technical Data:
engine: V6 - 3,0l, 200hp
length: 4450mm
height: 1450mm
width: 1800mm
tires: 245-40/20 on 20'' rims

Auto & Design 133
(1 page, 7 pictures)

These photos were taken at the 2002 International Motor Show of Geneva, Switzerland