Stutz Blackhawk
Prototype #1
# 276579 P 147588

Stutz and Toronto
Toronto, new home of O'Donnell's Blackhawk prototype

Branko Kavcic, boss of Brado Precision Machine & Tool Co. Ltd.,
bought this unique Stutz in June 2004.

Stutz prototype

Mr. Kavcic doesn't hide the car, he shows it around,
and (it's a Stutz!) the car gets a lot of attention!

Stutz and Slovenian Club

On June 17th, 2004, the car was shown at the Slovenian Club,
during the Ambassadors Welcoming Ceremony.

Stutz and RM's Anniversary Show

One month later, the car was shown at RM's 25th Year Anniversary Celebration.

prototype engine

In August 2004, the visitors of the Elvis Memorial Week had the chance
to see the very first Stutz at the Stutz Meet in front of Graceland!

Branko and DreamCarGarage

In 2005, the DreamCarGarage showed a segment on the Stutz prototype,
here a photo of Branko with the host of the show.

Branko at 2005 Meet

In June 2005, Branko, and his team were part of the Stutz Meet at Carlisle, PA.

In July 2007, the Stutz prototype was part of a car meet in Collingwood.

A lot of people had the chance to see this unique car.

Just great to see the very first Stutz...

To escort the Stutz, when it is on the road, Branko Kavcic has a special Corvette.

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