Prototype 1969
# 276579 P 147588

1969 prototype

This is the very first Stutz Blackhawk.
Most press-photos of early Stutzes show exactly that car.
You can have a look at the early Blackhawk sales sheet or the small folder.

actual picture

The Stutz-founder drove this car.


Mr. James D. O'Donnell bought on October, 1st, 1968 the Pontiac Grand Prix,
that was converted to the very first "New Stutz"


In late 2002, the brother of the Stutz founder sold the car to Mr. Greg Ryckman.
Mr. Ryckman has owned several other Stutzes before he bought this dream,
the very first Stutz that was ever built...

In 2004, the car was listed at an auction.
In July 2004, I was contacted by the new owner of the car, Mr. B. Kavcic.
So the car still is in Canada, but:
he brought the car to the Stutz Meet 2004!
It was great to see this fascinating car...

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