Stutz Blackhawk 1969
first prototype
# 276579 P 147588

These photos were taken at the Stutz Meet 2004!

This is the fifth website with pictures of the prototype,
I don't want to bother you.
I have to admit that I can't get enough..., so I wasn't able to remove any of the "old" pictures.

Stutz Truck

When Mr. Kavcic contacted me, and told me that he will bring his car to the Stutz-Meet 2004,
I was more than happy.
And when the Stutz Truck, coming from Canada, entered the parking lot at Graceland, it was a great moment!
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prototype in truck

First, Adrian Chadwick's Stutz had to be unloaded.
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unloading scene I

Than, a big moment, the prototype is getting out of the truck.

unloading II

The above photo reminds me to the picture,
showing Elvis Presley's prototype with Jules Meyers, at the airport.


A phantastic front-view.

Stutz on Graceland

Of course, Mr. Kavcic was with us at the photo-session on Graceland.

1969 Stutz Blackhawk

Mr. Kavcic had the old, original LXX-tires on his car,
not to drive a lot of miles, but to show this rare feature of the first Stutzes.

Stutz prototype

On this picture you can have a look at the special tires.

interesting background

Here, the car is parked in front of Graceland.

1969 Blackhawk

I took some additional photos in front of the trailer.

1969 Blackhawk

A side-view, showing the typical design of the Blackhawk series.

Blackhawk prototype

Only the two prototypes had the big rear-window.


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