Stutz Meet 2004
photo-session on Graceland

early morning
left to right: 1981 Blackhawk, 1986 Victoria, 1974 Blackhawk, 1976 Blackhawk

On August, 13th, the Stutz Meet started EARLY in the morning.
The photo-session should start on 7:30AM, so most of us had to leave our hotel at about 7:00AM.
Have you ever seen a convoy of four Stutzes?

photo session 1

First we lined up all the cars, and all of us took a lot of photos...

photo session 2

Here you can see Elvis' home in the background,
I think he would have loved that view.

photo session 3

Have a look at the different style of the Blackhawks,
from left to right: 1971, 1972, followed by a 1974 that belonged formerly to Evel Knievel.

photo session 4

Here is the rest of the cars, even the Packard made it.

B.Kavcic and K.Hill

Branko Kavcic (owner of the very first Blackhawk) with Kelly Hill,
one of the Graceland-staff who helped me to make this photo-session possible.

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