Butch Sedlow's Photo Album
Stutz Meet 2004

three Stutzes

This photo was taken in the evening of Thursday, the Meet should start the next day,
so there were no people, and of course no Stutzes,
these three are only a wonderful Fata Morgana...

prototype arrival

Also taken on Thursday, the arrival of the Stutz prototype, coming from Canada.

Meet I

I don't know when Butch has taken this picture, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday,
the Stutzes got a lot of attention, every day.

Meet II
Meet III

I was at the Meet, but I didn't realise that there were so many people,
I only had the problem that I wasn't able to take pictures of the cars.

Tony Grova at Stutz Meet

Tony "Elvis" Grova on his 1974 Blackhawk.

Sonny West and Tony Grova

Tony and Sonny West, the ex-bodyguard of Elvis Presley.

Butch, Sonny, Branko

Butch Sedlow, Sonny West, and Branko Kavcic talking about Stutz, and Elvis.

Sonny West and Branko Kavcic

Sonny West telling some stutzy stories to Branko Kavcic.

Stutz with Branko and Sonny

Sonny West behind the wheel of the very first prototype,
Sonny's former boss had prototype #2.

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