Lee Secrest's Photo Album
Stutz Meet 2004

1969 prototype

Lee Secrest entered our Stutz-World during the Stutz-Meet at Graceland.

James D. O'Donnell's Blackhawk

A very good moment, a very good choice.

1969 Stutz Blackhawk

Here you can see some of his photos,
for example some beautiful pictures of the first Stutz prototype.

click to see color-picture

This photo looks like it was taken when Elvis was still alive,
but it's not Elvis' car, and it was taken during the Stutz Meet 2004.
Click on the picture to get the color-photo!

Branko Kavcic's Stutz prototype

The prototype was shown at the parking lot, after the photo-session on Graceland,
it was the only car that had to be protected, because every visitor wanted to touch it...

interior of the very first Stutz

The following photos show the 1971 Blackhawk, owned by Ken Ramsey.

Ken Ramsey in his 1971 Blackhawk

Some similarities, but a lot of different details...

1971 Stutz Blackhawk

Lee Secrest had the chance to drive this car. Wow!

Lee Secrest and 71 Blackhawk

Butch Sedlow's 1972 Blackhawk,

Butch's 1972 Blackhawk

a beautiful example of a rare Blackhawk bodystyle.
Elvis had one of these, too, a white one.

1972 Stutz Blackhawk

Adrian Chadwick, leaving Graceland.

1976 Blackhawk, owned by A. Chadwick

Ken Kramer and his 1976 Stutz Blackhawk.

1976 Stutz Blackhawk
1976 Blackhawk

A car in wonderful condition, originally bought by Dee Kramer's father.

Stutz on Graceland

Last, but not least, Jim Milliken in his 1981 Blackhawk.

Jim Milliken's 1981 Blackhawk

Thanks to Lee Secrest for sharing all these pictures with us!

Please note: all pictures on this website were taken by Lee, and they are copyrighted!
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