Stutz Blackhawk 1981
# 2G 2AN 37Y 9B 1750947


The first owner of this car was a son of Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

1981 Stutz Blackhawk

This Blackhawk, a model of 1981 is showing the late design,
with the tail-lights above the bumber.

side-view I

Jim Milliken bought this car at Riyadh, and brought it to Florida.

1981 Blackhawk

The car was modified.
That means: it was repainted, got new wheels, and has now working sidepipes.

1981 Stutz

During the Stutz Meet 2004, I was able to take these pictures.
In 2005, Jim let me drive this car, to attend the 2005 Stutz Meet. :o)

1981 next to 1971 Stutz

In 2007, this Blackhawk attended the "Era of Exner Event", including the 2007 Stutz Meet,
and so this is the only Stutz that attended all three Stutz Meets!
(In addition to that: the car never was trailered, and run great!)

1981 Blackhawk at Car Show

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